The school has a Board of Directors in addition to Advisors (all of whom are volunteers) as follows:

  • Sandy Alvaranga BA, MSC – Public Administration and University lecturer  (Chairperson)
  • Maj. Neil Lewis Bsc, MSC – Engineer and Family Counsellor
  • Dr. Ainsley Deer, MD, Msc. Phd
  • Michael Shilletto, Dip. Computer Engineer
  • Joy Roberts, BA – past parent
  • Dianne Clarke BA, MBA – Principal (owner)
  • Claudia Rae ASc – Parent Representative
  • Jason Clarke – School’s Administrator – Secretary
  • Janette Barclay, dip, BA, MA – Educator,Staff Representative

Advisory Counsel

  • Dr. Simon Clarke (retired UNESCO Regional Director)
  • Dr. C. Patricia Morgan – Educational Psychologist
  • His Excellency H. Dale Anderson (retired ambassador)
  • Cedric D. King – BSc. MBA, JD – Attorney at Law

 The Board serves voluntarily for three year rotations.  The Advisors are appointed for as long as they are available to serve (no retirement period).

The school is managed by the principal who takes responsibility for the day to day operation of the school.   Accounting functions are outsourced.

Decisions for the day to day operations of the school are usually taken by the principal and in some cases in consultation with various members of the Board’s subcommittee, depending on the situation.

Visit our campus at 7 Cherry View, Cherry Gardens, Kingston 8. Telephone 876 978-0274 /876-919-3252 or our international number 718 245 6688 or email us at