Grading System


  • A 90 – 100 Excellent 2 merits
  • B 80 – 79 Good 1 merit
  • C 70 – 79 Satisfactory
  • D 60 – 69 Unsatisfactory Resit Required
  • F 0 – 59 Failure Student may be required to repeat the Grade level

Every support is given to students who are underachieving to attain the school’s academic standards inclusive of one on one instruction, special help classes during lunch break or after school.

The school uses a system of praise and rewards to encourage high achievement. Students are not placed by performance (i.e. first, second, third, last etc.) as Victory Academy recognizes that all students do not have the same abilities, hence it would not be fair nor practical to place students in such a manner.

Students are required to perform at their optimum ability levels. This is the whole objective of man, to become the best he or she can be with what abilities each has.

The pass mark for courses is 70%.  Students are required to do re-sits when they fail courses as failure is never accepted.  Special help classes are provided where necessary. 

Visit our campus at 7 Cherry View, Cherry Gardens, Kingston 8. Telephone 876 978-0274 /876-919-3252 or our international number 718 245 6688 or email us at