One of the missions of this school is to transform lives.  Often when we think of transformation we imagine a bad child becoming good, but this was not my story.  I have transformed from a shy, under-achieving young boy, to a confident, self-assured, disciplined young man, who now understands the benefits of perseverance and diligence.”

  • Daniel Chin Shue – VA Student

“It is amazing what a nurturing environment can do.  I have improved academically, socially and most importantly spiritually.  I have become a strong young christian youth leader, with a sense of purpose and destiny, thanks to the nurturing of Victory Academy.  I consider the staff as my school parents, wanting nothing but the best for me in life.  Victory Academy has been a major building block in my life, the family I have been adopted into, the family I will never forget”.

  • Ashley Morand, VA Student

“My daughter has been to schools in Australia, Singapore, Japan and the USA. For the first time in her school life I am seeing her excited about learning.  I am so very proud of her progress.  I can only say that something very special seems to happen at Victory Academy.  I am so very glad my daughter is in this nurturing environment, especially since she is living away from home.

  • Sonia Cook – Parent

I accepted the Lord Jesus Christ as my personal saviour and am now a candidate for baptism.  I am bursting with the joy of the Lord, a joy I never knew existed before coming to Victory Academy.  My grades have improved, my conduct has improved, my confidence has improved and I am just waiting to go out and impact the world”

  • -Alex Parkes – Student

“This is the personal touch that is so very special about Victory Academy.  You can’t help but notice the warmth and family-like atmosphere when you walk on the campus….at this time in Jamaica’s history when we hear of all the violence in schools and the nation is challenged with restoring godly values and attitudes, it is refreshing to know that there are schools still touching lives in this way, schools committed to building character, civic pride, discipline and excellence.  A school determined to pull the very best from the students.  This is Victory Academy.”

  • Nadisha Hunter, The Daily Gleaner News Writer (August 29, 2009)

My two daughters attended Victory Academy and I was totally at peace each day, knowing they were in a safe environment.  I work with the airlines and simply can’t be at home as much as I would like to, but knowing that my girls are in good hands is a comfort to me.  I was particularly happy for the exposure the girls had through local and international field trips, and of course the training in social graces and etiquette.  It is not often that you find a school that shares the same values and can actually help to nurture your children the way you would.”

  • Claudia Goldson-Rae – Parent